If you just started your marketing campaign, and waiting for the results, so you can start closing your leads, then you should know that on average 50% of the leads in any system are not ready to make purchases. So, what should you do? The answer is Email Automation. Email Marketing allows your brand to stay in periodic communication with prospects, so they keep you and your services/products top of mind. In this way, when they are ready to buy, they’ll come straight to you.

Now, the next question in your consideration will be how to do email marketing?

I’m sharing 5 great tools that I have used for my Email Automation campaigns. The below mention tools have all the essential items you need for a successful email marketing campaign, either it email automation, best email autoresponder, email marketing funnel etc.

I’m working from more than a decade, and have been running marketing automation campaigns for different brands and large corporations. These campaign works involve automated email flows, social media integration, and lead management.

Does it feel innovative and complex?

Yes, it is, and it works to get attraction. But some time it cost a lot of money and time. I have worked for start-ups and B2B companies, and I perceive that anyone can leverage many advanced marketing automation features by using any one of the below tools.

1. Lead-Fuze

Because we know you need leads more than ever, we were able to work with one of our vendors, LeadFuze, to get you an exclusive offer for their lead data intelligence to help you put your list building efforts on autopilot.

Start building a list of sales leads, reach out to them through their cold email tool integrations, and then use those emails to drive more sales opportunities!

Offer Details

Be sure to use links in this email, and instead of 25 free leads you’ll get 50!

In addition, for a limited time, they’re offering bonus lead credits on their paid plan. For month-to-month plans, you’ll get a 50% bonus. For Commitment plans (paid monthly, with a 12-month commitment) you’ll get a 10% savings + DOUBLE the lead credits shown, and for Annual plans, you’ll get 20% savings + TRIPLE the lead credits shown.

Get 50 FREE lead credits.

2. A-Weber

A-Weber is one of the most popular B2B email marketing solution that helps you designing and sending HTML e-newsletters. A-Weber’s email automation works with the drag-and-drop campaign editor. It helps tag subscribers and trigger campaigns depended on the links they click and the emails they open. You can create personalized welcome emails, lead nurturing campaigns, educational courses and more with A-Weber. This tool helps analysing your data and testing the performance of emails, also allows tracking and ensures the deliverability.

You don’t need an e-newsletter creator anymore, just sign up and leave rest to A-Weber.

A-Weber offers 30-days free trial. Try it and make your decision by-self.

3. MailChimp

If you are looking for some new B2B email marketing tactics, leave your old traditional newsletters and regular welcome emails and gives a try to MailChimp.

MailChimp’s automation features gives you ease to create targeted emails that send when triggered by a specific event, date, or contact’s activity. The automation builder offers incredible segmenting, planning, design and scheduling tools in one simple to-use package, so you can send email campaigns that inform, reward, and connect with your contacts, automatically. You can use MailChimp with almost any other tool. 80% people find email marketing, annoying. But almost no one can resist an email with a catchy subject and a great offer. MailChimp can give you a lot of capacity by automating and personalizing your email marketing.

MailChimp allows you to sign up for free.

4. MailerLite

MailerLite is relatively new when we talk about the world of email marketing so maybe you will ask “why MailerLite when there are already a lot of email marketing solutions available?”

Here is the answer,

Mailerlite is a well-designed tool that is logical and light, not complicated and it can do everything you need to manage your online contacts, and offer a wide range of choices when it comes to things like newsletter and form options.

Mailerlite offers a full free lifetime plan, and also if you would like to purchase this is the most affordable email marketing tool in the market.

5. Get Response

GetResponse is a leading email marketing solution, which empowers you, to create an effective marketing list of prospects and clients, so you can develop and maintain the relationship with them and build responsive and beneficial customer base.

What GetResponse do for your email marketing?

GetResponse create a mailing list for you and capture the data onto that mailing list, create newsletters that can be sent to subscribers on your mailing list, via autoresponder it automates your emails to subscribers and most importantly, view and analyse facts related to your email marketing campaigns – click through, open rate, forwards etc. According to GetResponse own resources, 350,000 individuals and businesses used this platform for their email marketing.

What are you thinking? How to choose best email marketing tool from above 4?

I’m not going to insist you to use any one of the above mention tools, this is what you need to decide by self, just list your requirements and think what you need and which tool will suit you the most.

Hope you got the answers you were looking for.




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