As we all know that the procedure is must for the lead or to accomplish any task or doing Marketing Automation, the procedure is also must to have for B2B Sales lead. This process contains some steps and for its success it requires tools. LinkedIn is the goldmine if you’re on the hunt for the professional’s clients. Besides this, LinkedIn creates 80% of leads, which is the most effective as well as efficient platform for prospecting.

Lead Generation on LinkedIn is a numbers game. A solid foundation involves building a powerful personal brand that enhances your LinkedIn presence. You should keep your eyes on the following points and should consider them:

  • Filling out all the required sections on your profile – name, LinkedIn headline, professional profile photo, LinkedIn cover photo, summary section etc.
  • Having contact information that includes your email, a vanity URL, link to your website and Twitter profile
  • Getting skills and endorsements to boost your social proof and search ranking
  • Getting people, you have worked with to give you recommendations
  • Listing your accomplishments
  • Adding any honors and awards
  • Subscribing to Sales Navigator

You can take the benefit of the sales navigator which gives meaningful features which you don’t find out in the account which you use for the personal aspect other premium. LinkedIn subscription such as LinkedIn recruiter. It is also providing the chance of unlimited search result at a time as well as it gives a way to you to contact users through the in-mail function.

The strategies which you need to keep in mind are given as under:

  • How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn 
  • Publish on Pulse at least Twice a Week
  • Join LinkedIn Groups and Engage Daily
  • Use your Company Page on LinkedIn as a Lead Generation Tool
  • Use LinkedIn Automation Tools

We are having two tools which work considerably and I have personal experience on this as well. These tools work in their own capacity and it provide significant results towards the productivity. Let’s have a look at two best top tools for the B2B hot leads.

  1. Zopto
  2. Octopus CRM


Can you imagine ever, how great it will be to have daily B2B hot leads landing. You can clearly observe its rating. It is the software tool which is based on the clouds. Cloud is used by the sales team as well as start-ups to boost their LinkedIn leads generation’s efforts. Zopto tool plays vital role in generating your leads. It is the process which adds considerable immense value at your pipeline.

In my opinion ZOPTO is the most efficient way to generate leads using LinkedIn, but don’t just have my thoughts, I’ll suggest you to try it by self. By using this tool, you are able to automate lead generation process as well as it also acquires customers which are outside of the network can enter in to the new markets. Many of our Team Members [B2B Business Development Consultants] have used it, and they got the great results. If you are looking for daily Hot B2B leads from LinkedIn, your search will over right after using ZOPTO.

Have a look at some RATING and VIEWS done by the Professionals who have used ZOPTO.

Octous CRM

If you think ZOPTO is not the one you were looking for so don’t worry here is another tool for you.

Octopus helps to the thousands of the users of the LinkedIn to grow their business with the advance automation of the marketing as well as with the lead generation tool for the linked in. It is the powerful but the considerable simple tool for the LinkedIn which automates your work because it has the significant features. You are allowing by this tool to create the personal LinkedIn lead generation funnel and it connects with the target audience automatically.

Octopus also provides the strategies which help you to generate lead on the LinkedIn

These are the strategies which help you to mitigate inevitable which are associated with the LinkedIn marketing. These days’ sales are not based on the marketing as you those businesses strategies are changing day by day. To be effective in sales today, one has to master the art of lead generation, and that involves getting creative about where you source your leads from. It is required for you to know the best source which gives the lead to the business and in this aspect, you can do firm believe on the LinkedIn because LinkedIn is the goldmine for this. It is considered as the significant platforms for lead generation and 93% B2B supported this claim.

What are you thinking now? Confused in above mention techniques?

Well don’t need to be confused, just figure out your actual needs and then select the technique from the above given information. This will help you to grow your business and ease you in smart way.

Good Luck!




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