These days people are anxious, events and conferences have been cancelled and you can forget the face-to-face meeting you had planned with your next best customer.

Let’s admit it. The world is facing quite a bit of uncertainty and this means your prospects are quite concerned to say the least. They are not thinking about the best sales enablement solution, but rather, might be thinking of things like cost minimization. Through this article I want to spread awareness about the current situation and simultaneously share some ideas with all my readers.

To keep driving demand, businesses – especially those in the B2B space – need to rely on alternate channels like outbound. In short, despite the current climate of uncertainty and panic, so don’t be panic I suggest you to take measures because this is actually the best time to finally take the plunge and test out new ways of connecting and selling.

Now you’ll think how we can get benefit of this kind of situation, I’ll say just do the B2B sales Funneling, let me explain you a bit about it and you’ll agree with me till the end of the article.

A sales funnel is the path by which a customer takes to purchase from your business; you can use this because it is interested prospect to converted customer.

A sales funnel is a marketing idea which maps out the journey a customer goes through when he/she making any kind of purchase. Sales funnel uses a funnel as an analogy because the huge number of potential customers may begin at the top-end of the sales procedure, but only few of these people really end up making the purchase.

It shows a deeper commitment to the purchase objective. Many of the businesses, whether online or conventional, you can use this model to guide you marketing strategy in each stage of the sales funnel as well.

There are 4 basic Sales Funnel stages which I want to share with you , They are given as under:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

A well-structured B2B sales funnel not only helps you to generate more sales, but it also helps you to recognize how to better optimize and refine your sales process, in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of what your customer’s journey is like. You can take the significant help from this and it is the considerable source of guidance for you. I will Suggest you to look below there are 2 sales funnelling tools are given, which I also have used:

  1. Cloud Lead

2. Click Funnels

Cloud Lead

If you are looking a B2B sale funnelling solution than Cloud Lead will be a best tool for you. Cloud Lead uses the power of machine-learning combine with human research, to search qualified leads for your business. Once you provide this tool a detailed description of your product and customer persona, Cloud Lead’s research tools provides you with detailed contact information for decision-makers that are relevant to your product. This tool enables you to target the potential customers with accuracy and move them to your sales funnel without using a single penny for your content marketing efforts.

Click Funnels

Click Funnels is the best sales funnel tool in the market. It’s user friendly and easy to operate. This platform has the tools that guide buyers through each step of the sales process, like email and Facebook marketing automation and an accessible, smooth web page editor. Click Funnels was; created for the entrepreneurs who aren’t programmers or don’t have even a little knowledge of coding or programming, they can easily build awesome pages inside of sales funnel, to grow their business online.

Click Funnels offers user the ability to quickly create landing pages with simple drag and drop editor. The most important aspect of this tool for marketers is, it comes with pre-built templates which allow you to quickly build sales funnels that convert. This is not the end of its features, Click funnels comes with a suite of supporting marketing tools like email follow up, SMS sending and many more.

This platform also features single-click up-sell tool that automatically upsells the shopper which purchases anything from your website.


Click Funnels offer a free trial for 14 days. The basic plan of click funnel starts from $97/month. Or you can buy it for a year in $997. But in this price Click Funnels replaces many tools and save your money investing in every single tool.

Hope you got the information you were looking for and this article will help you to grow your business in current Situation.

Best of Luck with your sales goals.




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