Online forms play a great role to gather leads, but you should know how you need to create a great form that invite a visitor to leave their details for you, with this you will come to know what your customer thinks and what they want. Now the question is how we can create a great online form to get good leads?

Well there are many online form builders are available. But first we need to know what and how the free form builder work.

An online form builder tool allows you to drag, drop the question and also make fields where you want to use it. You can use the different colour in the creation of your forms by using the different templates. These forms are considerably versatile and can be used for various reasons. It is an integral part of the CRM software and project management software. Today I’m going to give you the information regarding the different type of form builders which are given as under:

Gravity Forms

This tool is also very helpful and useful to create forms. You can use this type of form builder to build contact forms, Word Press post creation, calculators, employment applications etc.

Paper Form

If you want to create a form look like landing pages so Paper Form is a great choice for you. It aims to make the form creation process as simple as writing a document for you.

Lead Formly

Lead Formly is an intriguing option if you hate spam, which is unfortunately prevalent when it comes to online forms.

Well there are a lot more forms builder out there and you cannot use every single form builder for you, so you need a form builder that can fulfil all your need at 1 place. The above ones were the online form builders that are used in some specific criteria.

Don’t confuse yourself, if you have a specific need you can use the form builder from above, but if you are looking for all in 1 solution so my recommendation will be Pabbly. Now you will think after discussing about so many form builder why I recommend Pabbly, as I said before that if you are looking one time use for example contact us form so maybe you find 1 tool from above that is specifically create contact us form. But if you are looking for multi-type form builder, that should be user friendly, so checkout my recommendation. Let’s talk about Pabbly in a bit detail.


Why I highly recommend you Pabbly?

Because this is best online form builder, it provides you the pre-built form templates that are customizable as well as conversion optimized, that attract your visitors and I’m sure they won’t leave without filling the form.

You can experience the limitless integrations in Pabbly, it can allow you to integrate your forms with numerous 3rd party integrations like PayPal, Stripe, Pabbly Email Marketing, Mail Chimp, Get Response, Drop box, Google Analytics & more to automate your workflow. You can embed the form on your website as a sliding form a plain form or you can share the direct form link with your audience.

It provides you the pre-built template which helps you to create considerable forms. Due to their remarkable features there are 18000+ happy customers who are satisfied with the service of Pabbly. So if you want to become satisfied and happy use Pabbly Below are some experience shared by the professionals regarding the Pabbly

Hope this information will help you. Thank you for reading.




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