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Welcome to B2B automation Blog. I believe you feel delighted when you read my content and it is significant for your learning and profession. I’ve been a professional in the B2B industry at Business Development side for 9 years and served many companies and provided my Business Development services/consultancy.

In present year, I planned to share my extensive knowledge that can help professionals to be more productive and competent in their B2B work. I’ll keep sharing my proven and tested strategies for my readers. I hope you’ll find my content interesting

Who is this Blog for?

This blog is for everyone who is linked to the B2B industry especially professionals from Information Technology Services, Digital Marketing because it’s been a long time ago when I started my career in this field, at that time we did not have many tools and professionals who teach this to us, I and most of my like-minded professional learnt by-self from the hard way at that time.

Now from this blog, I would like to share my extensive experience and try to cover the common problems faced by the Business Development Managers/Directors/Sales Manager/ Business Development Executive/ Marketing Executives etc.

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