When I started my career in 2012, there were very few Lead Generation Tools, Marketing Automation tools for professionals out there. The reason behind this is that the need for the B2B Business Development was in the growing phase, and Tech companies were working on these kinds of products which solve the pain points/needs of Business Development/Sales & Marketing Professionals.

As we aware B2B sale is really a more extensive term and to accomplish a decent number of B2B Sales Leads, you need a procedure. The Process has steps and each progression requires manual work + tools. But now on account of Technology, now we can automatize our many of manual work.

Let’s have a look at three (3) best B2B Lead Generation Tools you could use in 2020 for increasing your sales. I have used these tools by self as well over the time for different businesses niches. Each given tool work in their own capacity. But Yes, they will provide you productive results.

1. Zopto

Can you imagine ever, how great it will be to have daily B2B hot leads landing in your inbox, I believe as a Business Development Professional you will think it’s awesome and it will help you accomplish your sale targets.

Up till now LinkedIn has been an underrated platform for B2B Hot Leads generation since people don’t know about the process and how to do it.

Here is the secret: ZOPTO + LinkedIn Sales Navigator = HOT B2B LEADS

In my opinion ZOPTO is the most efficient way to generate leads using LinkedIn, but don’t just have my thoughts, I’ll suggest you to try it by self. Many of our B2B Business Development Consultants used it, and they got the great results. If you are looking for daily Hot B2B leads from LinkedIn, your search will over right after using ZOPTO.

Have a look at some CASE STUDIES of Professionals who have used ZOPTO.

2. LeadFeeder

Leadfeeder informs you which company visited your website, even if they don’t fill out a contact us form on your website. This tool also helps to find contact information for employees at the company. This feature allows you to follow up with the visitors who never inquired about your product at the time they visit your website or time your outreach to potential leads in your sales queue.

Leadfeeder is the web based application/tool that enhances your sales intelligence by incorporating with your marketing data and sales. This assists you to easily unveil new prospects and track your existing customers with greater ease than ever before.

Leadfeeder also offers free trial.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is a complete online marketing solution. This platform gives turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as limitless follow-up auto-responders, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation and CRM to convey information to your contacts and convert them to paying customers.

Through responsible and completely automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices, and set up associations with major Internet service providers and email service providers, GetResponse prides itself on the most possible email deliverability to make sure that your messages get through to your prospective customers.

GetResponse delivers more than 5 billion emails every year in 172 countries. It is completely scalable and able of handling both small and very large lists (1+ million subscribers).

The Core features of GetResponse:

  • Offers 30-days free trial.
  • Have Over 100,000 active accounts.
  • Up to 68% higher deliverability than competitors.
  • Limitless emails.
  • Great automatic message personalization.
  • Intelligent tracking features.

What are the benefits of GetResponse?

  • Holds the lost sales and bounce your leads into gainful action.
  • Increases incredibly your lead generation and business-building results.
  • Eliminate tedious and repetitious email marketing tasks.

GetResponse customer support and materials (context help, user guides, FAQs, and video tutorials) will guide you step by step when you sign up for an account. By using GetResponse, you will take benefit from industry-leading email deliverability that GetResponse consistently retain by their solid relationships with proactive delivery initiatives, ISPs, and strong anti-spam commitment. Give a try to GetResponse today and get to know how you can get instantly tangible, scalable results without wasting time or investing a lot of money.

Which lead generation tool you would like to try?

Before reading this article maybe you have many questions in mind or was just thinking “If only there was a lead generation tool that would do this.”

Well, Lead generation is difficult and you can’t use every single tool. I’m not saying that use all these tools. Fanning out your business requirements and targets and choose the right tool for you.

Good Luck!




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