When we hear the word marketing automation software, many questions come to our mind, what this software is for and why it’s important for marketing. Today I’ll let you know what actually this software does and what is it’s important in our marketing campaigns. Also, I’ll tell you about some best marketing automation software and their benefits.

Marketing automation software is a great platform which is designed to help marketers to capture leads and inspect lead behaviour and campaign performance. This software often compared with CRMs as they have overlapping quality.

Marketing software is important for Entrepreneurs, Small Medium Businesses and start-ups. If you want to grow your business significantly so marketing automation is the best choice for you because through marketing automation you can save your precious time as well as it nurtures new lead for you. You can also improve your customer retention by using marketing automation. It provides you the significant path on which your business run smoothly and efficiently.

As we all know since the year 2020 starts the world economy is on stack due to Covid-19 Pandemic, this is really a tough time for businesses but still some smart moves can help you in this situation, you need to reduce your marketing cost, now you will think how this is possible, well if you are using different kind of software for your marketing, go to 1 big but low cost platform and automate your marketing campaign. Yes, I’m suggesting you to use single, good and low-cost marketing automation software

Let’s have a look at 2 tools you could use in 2020 for increasing your sales. I’m sure these tools will provide you productive results.

Get Gist

This is the software through which you can do the marketing automation and it provides you lead. This software plays a significant role for giving you the information regarding live chat, emails marketing, marketing automation, forms and knowledge base.

Why we need live chat option:

The majority of the customers prefer live chat for communication because customer does not want to wait on hold. As you know that live chat is 24 hours service so customer relay on this very much.

Why Marketing Automation software for email:

As you know that customer wants to understand and treat like human being and they want to connect their selves with their favourite brands on a personal level. You can only send them emails about your products which are on the bestselling. This is the best email marketing software I ever had used.

Ontra Port

It is the significant platform for the marketing automation, through this you can provide a route based on the preferences as well as on behaviour to your contacts. By this you can generate optimal results by maintaining personal relationships.

By using this platform, you can automate any lifecycle part of the customer rom the lead nurturing to the post purchase you can take the follow up from them. I really feel that it is the best email auto responder.

I also experience this software and this is the best marketing software, I really like this because it provides fully coordinate environment to your entire customer experience.

Below some successful professionals who used Ontra Port for their business.

Still confused? I just shared the 2-marketing automation platform with you whom I think best in regards of performance, so what you need to do now is only filter-out your needs and compare by self which software suits you more. Hope you will like the article; I used all my experience for you to help-out in this critical economic situation.

Best of Luck!




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